World Cup 2019: the changed format will be interesting and challenging

icc world cup 2019

The Cricket World Cup is going to take place in England from May 30 in England. Every team is ready to give up their lives to achieve this great achievement of cricket. However, the format has changed in this World Cup and this time the teams will face tough competition for the title round robin format.

This time the World Cup will be held in round robin format, where every team will have to play from all the teams participating in the World Cup. Round robin format is being used for the second time in the World Cup. It was first used in the World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand in 1992.

A total of 10 teams are participating in the 12th edition of the World Cup, and according to the round robin format, every team has to play nine matches. This format is also used in the Indian Premier League (IPL). A total of 48 matches will be played in this World Cup that lasts for 46 days.

The top-4 teams in the numerical system will qualify for the semi-finals and then the two teams will face a title battle on the lords’ field of cricket called Mecca on July 14.

This format will not be easy for any team because the biggest feature of this format or U say, it is interesting that the team has to perform well in order to go to the next round and if the team loses, then sometimes other teams On the display, the journey of the next round continues.

India has to play its first match on June 5 with South Africa. After that, on June 9 with Australia,  on June 13 New Zealand, with Pakistan on June 22, with Afghanistan on June 22, West Indies on June 27, England on June 30, Bangladesh on July 2, and July 6 will face Sri Lanka.

In this World Cup, the number of teams already has been reduced. In the previous edition of World Cup, 12 or 14 teams used to take part, but this time the changes were also made in the qualification.

The teams in the top-8 in the ICC rankings were automatically qualified for the World Cup while the qualification tournament was organized for the remaining two places so that the West Indies and Afghanistan had their place.

Of course, the World Cup round-robin format will be longer than the earlier, but there is no scope for lack of competitiveness, and this format does not allow any team to stay in comfortable conditions or relax.

Group Format-: After 1992, the group format took place again. From the first World Cup played in 1975 to 1987, the matches were played in the group format only. From 1996, Group Format took place once again. At the same time, in the World Cup played in England in 1999, the super-6 round was included after the group stage, which was also continued in the World Cup played in South Africa in 2003.

Although in 2007, the ICC removed a Super-6 and included the Super-8 round, and for the first time, four groups were formed in place of two groups in the World Cup. After the Super-8, the quarter-final round started.

In the World Cup played in India in 2011, once again two group format was brought, and after that, the quarterfinals were followed. In 2015, the same format continued.

In the format changed in 2019, any team cannot be considered as weak or strong because it is outlined in a way that many types of combinations work and then the next round of four teams is decided. It has been seen in IPL often, where the future of some teams depends on the last match of the league round.


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