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Genes play an important role in your marriage

genes role in married life

Genes play an important role in your successful marriage. This thing has recently come out in research.

In previous research, there have also been indications that successful marital life is partly influenced by genetic factors and oxytocin is helpful in social support.

According to recent research, variation in specific genes is associated with the method of oxytocin and it affects overall successful marriage.

Genes are also important for coordination between partners.

In this research, the probable gene combination of various genotype-oxytone receptor genes (OXTR) has been assessed, which explains how spouses collaborate with each other. This is the key determinant of a successful marital life.

OXTR was targeted due to the regulation and release of oxytocin.

Richard Matson, associate professor of the University of Binghamton, USA, said, “Jeans mean for successful marital life because genes are relevant to the person and the characteristics of individuals affect marriage.”


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