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North Korean cyber attack looted $ 1.35 million from Indian bank: UN

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United Nations, March 29 Cyber Attack: Due to United Nations sanctions, North Korea has carried out a cyber robbery of 1.35 million dollars from Cosmos Bank for foreign funding. This has been done using the network of 28 countries. World organization has given this information.

A Security Council committee of specialists monitoring the restrictions on North Korea said that in August last year, “an advanced hazardous group” of North Korea carried out a cyber attack.

Cyber Attack “In August 2018, $ 1.35 million from Cosmos Bank of India, 14,000 automatic teller machines (ATMs) were withdrawn from 28 countries together, besides transfer additional accounts of a Hong Kong company.”

The committee of experts led by Hugh Griffith released this report at the beginning of this month by the Council President Freshwant Delta.

The report said, “The Cosmos attack was a highly advanced, well planned and highly coordinated campaign, which bypassed the three levels contained in the defence of the Interpol Banking / ATM attack.”

Referring to North Korea’s strategy, it said, “Not only actors were able to transfer funds from Swift Networks to other accounts in Cosmos case, but they circumvented transaction verification procedures and for the transfer of international banks With this in 30 countries, individuals in the world took out the amount in cash. ”


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