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Infinix Quiet 2 A decent pair of earphones

Hong-Kong based manufacturer recently made its debut in the Indian market with a bunch of new smartphones. One of them, the Infinix Zero 5 Pro Review turned out to be a surprisingly good performer.

Infinix has gone for a simple design with the Quiet X. The headband feels sturdy and has a soft rubber texture lining the inside, so it sits comfortably on your head. The stalks for the ear cups retract into the headband and are easy to adjust. The ear cups themselves are built from an aluminium alloy and feel quite rigid. We also like the matte finish. The ear cups have oversized lettering indicating ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the insides, making it easy to put the Quiet X on the right way. They also swivel inwards so you can tuck the headset away more easily when not in use.

The padding for the ear cups is very plush and felt comfortable over our ears. On the bottom of the right ear cup, we have the ANC button with its own LED, a power switch, and a 3.5mm input socket. These headphones can function as regular wired headphones too, which could come in handy when the battery is depleted. On the right ear cup, we have a Micro-USB charging port, a volume rocker, and the Play/ Pause button. The latter can also be used for answering incoming calls and skipping or going to the previous track.

The bass is fairly tight but not too prominent. While the casual users won’t complain about it, bass-heads certainly won’t be too pleased. Personally speaking, though I am not a basshead, I would have preferred a bit more thump in the lower frequency reproduction. To put all of the above in simpler terms, if you are more into Bollywood music, classical or a vocal-heavy genre, the Infinix Quiet 2 will serve you well. But if you listen to heavy metal or some bass-heavy music, these are not for you.

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