Karnatka will head for hung assembly-Exit Poll tells

A recent poll in Karnataka seems to heading hung assmebly, and expert were guessing for this assemble from day one. Now the exit poll by various TV News channel are showing weak majority for the any  of the two parties.

One cannot forget the battle going high in this poll where both parties BJP and Congress going head to head and made this battle interesting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have changed the outcome of Karnataka polls 2018 in 10 days of campaigning in Karnataka. He pulled out all stops to wrest power from the Congress in the State. Earlier Modi had to address the 15 rallies but he number increased to 20 so easy to guess for anybody what this poll matters to him.

Lot of issues were raised in this poll as farmer distress, development, employment and appeasement of section of the society. Congress was not behind this and accused Modi of personal attack. But even Rahul was not far behind in this and raised the 4 years Modi promise and its fulfilment.

Amit Shah played active role and kept the cadre motivated and remained connected with them all the time, Prime Minister came took the center stage on May 1 with his ‘campaign-blitzkrieg.As Congress leader Ashok Gehlot alleged on Saturday, ‘Modi’s visits in Nepal were aimed at voters in Karnataka,’ this again appears to be a piece of well-crafted election campaigning. While the timings of PM Modi’s Nepal visit could be debated by some political parties, the fact remains that there is not much the opposition leaders can do about it.

It is the result of the poll will tell who comes in the power and what present state govt and what is the reaction of the people of the state.

karnataka Poll
Karnataka poll is going to be hung assemble as the TV News channel showing yesterday. We all have to wait what the result look like. People are saying that it replica of General election 2019

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