Mother Mary statue in white attire created row in Jharkhand

RANCHI: Now new controversy emerged in Jharkhand where local people are opposing the state of mother Mary with white sari holding the baby in her hand. It is the same way as the tribes of Jharkhand hold their baby. The Sama Society took out a procession against this. The statue was unveiled by Cardinal Telesphor P Toppo in a church at Singpur village in Dhurwa recently.

Dharmguru (priest) of Sarna society Bandhan Tigga said, “Anybody can wear a white sari with a red border but making Mother Marry wear it seems to be a tactic to convert the Sarna tribals into Christianity. Mother Mary was a foreigner and showing her as a tribal woman is definitely not correct.”

The Sarnas worship Mother Nature or Maa Sarna. Tigga said the Christians are trying to establish Mother Mary as Maa Sarna to confuse the people of Sarna society. “Red border means a lot in Sarna dharma. Our women wear white sari with red border during auspicious times. If the idol of Mother Mary is shown in the look of a tribal woman then 100 years from now people will think that Mother Mary was a tribal from Jharkhand,” he said.

Now Sarna society is up against the removal of that particular statue. Tigga said, “We do not want any kind of conflict between the two communities. All we want is that either the statue should be removed or the attire should be changed so that Mother Mary doesn’t look like a tribal woman. If it is not done then we will intensify the protest.”

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