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NASA termed India’s ‘A SAT trial’ “terrible”


A SAT launch NASA has criticized India’s Anti-Satellite Missile (A SAT) test and has said it has increased the risk in the International Space Station (ISS) and this can cause competition to perform similar tests in other countries.

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine said on Monday that the A SAT missile successfully targeted a working satellite in the LA Earth Orbit (LEO) in three minutes, spreading 400 pieces of garbage in the space and threatening it in ISS Increased.

“It’s a terrible thing and pieces have moved above the ISS,” CNN quoted Bridsteinstein as saying.

According to the CNN report, 60 pieces of garbage can be tracked, out of which 24 have gone above the ISS.

He said, “Such activity will not prove favourable to future astronauts. It is not acceptable for us that we allow people to build an orbital garbage area, which can be a threat to our people.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 27th March that India has achieved historical success with the capability of the A-SAT and after the US, Russia and China, space has become a superpower.

On the following day, Bridenstine had told the Commercial Justice and Science Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives that intentionally destroying the satellite and creating waste in space is wrong.

After that, the Indian Foreign Ministry had clarified in a statement that the test was done in the lower atmosphere, to ensure that no garbage in the space was produced and any garbage generated would fall on the ground in a few weeks.

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