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Targeted and Immuno Therapy very effective in treating lung cancer

targeted immune therapy for lung cancer

Targetted therapy can be very effective in treating lung cancer. Experts believe that patients with stage 4 lung cancer can also lead to a good quality life with targetted and immune therapy Dr. Ulyas Batra, the senior expert of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC), New Delhi, told that the diagnosis of lung cancer can be found only at the later stage. That is why only 15% of cases can be treated. However, strategies such as tongued therapy and immunotherapy and new research have shown a hopeful ray.

Dr. Batra said, “The most important risk factor for lung cancer is smoking in any form, whether it is cigarette, bidi or cigar. Smoking causes 15 to 30 times the risk of lung cancer, and these people are more likely to die of lung cancer compared to non-smokers. Staying close to passive smoking, that is, smoking is also very harmful. Studies have shown that exposure to passive tobacco increases the risk of lung cancer by 20 per cent. Other risk factors for lung cancer include exposure to radon, asbestos, coal smoke and other chemicals. ”

Depending on the statistics, Dr Batra said that the average age of lung cancer is 54.6 years and most of the patients of lung cancer are above 65 years of age. It is also worth mentioning that in the case of lung cancer male and female ratio is 4.5: 1. Due to the effect of age and smoking, men are more at risk.

According to Globokan report, in 2018, there were 67,795 new cases registered in India of lung cancer. At the same time, the number of people who died from lung cancer was 63,475. The cases of lung cancer are increasingly growing. According to ICMR, the number of new cases of lung cancer can reach 1.4 lakhs in the next four years.

Dr. Batra said that the most important factor in preventing lung cancer is to avoid contact with tobacco (active or inactive). Quitting smoking is not very difficult and if efforts are made then it is never too late. If you stop smoking before the age of 50, then you can reduce the risk of lung cancer in the next 10-15 years.

Batra said, “In fact, lung cancer is a poster child for the treatment of personalized cancer. With the advent of Targeted and Immunotherapy, patients with stage 4 lung cancer are living with good quality.

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