IISc physicists find a new way to represent ‘pi’

IISc physicists

Unlocking Pi Through Quantum Physics by IISc physicists

The discovery of a new series representation for the irrational number pi has emerged from research into quantum scattering of high-energy particles, offering a simpler way to extract pi from complex calculations. This breakthrough comes from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), where scientists delved into string theory to explain certain physical phenomena.

A Historical Connection

This new formula remarkably aligns with the pi representation suggested by 15th-century Indian mathematician Sangamagrama Madhava, who recorded the first-ever series for pi. The study, led by postdoctoral researcher Arnab Saha and Professor Aninda Sinha from the Centre for High Energy Physics (CHEP), was recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Serendipitous Discovery

“Our primary focus was not to find a new way to look at pi,” says Professor Sinha. “We were exploring high-energy physics in quantum theory, aiming to develop a model with fewer and more precise parameters to understand particle interactions. Discovering a new perspective on pi was an exciting surprise.”

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Efficient Calculation of Pi

The series discovered by Sinha and Saha combines specific parameters, enabling scientists to quickly determine the value of pi. This advancement is particularly useful for calculations involved in deciphering the scattering of high-energy particles.

Overlooked Potential

According to Sinha, previous generations of physicists and mathematicians missed this series because they lacked the necessary tools, which were developed through collaborative efforts over the past three years. “In the early 1970s, scientists briefly considered this research direction but abandoned it due to its complexity,” Sinha explains.

Collaborative Achievement

This discovery highlights the importance of collaborative research and the potential for unexpected findings in the pursuit of understanding the universe’s fundamental principles.

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