Gunshot detection technology developed by IIT Roorkee

IIT Rorkee

IIT Roorkee developed gun shot detection and precise locational technology. The technology The technology is a a startup, Linearised Amplifier Technologies and Services (Linear-AmpTech), incubated at iHub DivyaSampark of Indian Institute of Technology

It  has secured the top spot in the Dare to Dream 4.0 contest hosted by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The startup has developed gunshot detection and location estimation technology.

The system, developed by the Linear-AmpTech, is state-of-the-art technology, which can redefine situational awareness in warfare and public safety. “Its advanced capabilities in rapid gunshot detection and precise localisation promise to empower defence personnel, enhance troop safety, and contribute to proactive crime prevention in smart cities,” Indian Institute of Technology said.

Electronic and communication engineering department of IIT Roorkee is behind this project.. The UG students Parhsarthi Mishra and Akash Jha are behind this who were guided by Karun Rawat. Under the mentorship of IIT Roorkee alumni Vivek Sharma, Linear-AmpTech transformed the concept into an advanced prototype with the collaboration of undergraduate students Amit Kumar, Harsh Kumar, and Aniket Vishwakarma.

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Linear-AmpTech and IIT Roorkee presented the technology of Gun-shot detection and its location estimation to DRDO officials at the IIT Roorkee campus. The live demonstration highlighted the system’s capabilities, culminating in Linear-AmpTech’s first-prize win in the Open category: Exploring Unthinkable and Unimaginable.

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