The Haryana school education department's 'Super 100' initiative, launched in 2018 to coach government school students for competitive exams, has yielded positive outcomes in the recent JEE Mains results

By Gitanjali Maggo 

April 27th, 2024

This year, the 'Super 100' program witnessed 55 students achieving 90-plus percentile scores, with six students scoring in the 99th percentile. 

Out of the 107 students enrolled in the program, all have progressed to the next stage of the JEE. Notably, the six top performers represent a diverse cross-section of society

Ajay Kumar achieved a remarkable 99.47 percentile, raised by a single mother. Nitish, with a score of 99.33 percentile, is the son of a private job worker.

Mehek, scoring 99.23 percentile, hails from a laborer's family. Khushi, achieving 99.11 percentile, is the daughter of a teacher

Navjeevan Dhingra, the regional coordinator of the program, stated, "Out of the students we mentored, a total of 160 have successfully gained admission to esteemed engineering and medical colleges