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Best Photography Courses

Best Photography Courses With the advent of Mobile phone the charm for photographer has died down. No, there are the opportunities have increased. Now the professional photographers are in demand for various purposes. Photography is not limited to wedding or birthday event in India. It has gone beyond with the changing pattern of society.

To pursue a career in photography in India, it is essential to have the necessary education and training. While academic qualifications are less important than skills, a degree, diploma, or certificate in photography courses is a plus. Candidates can pursue courses such as BDes, BVA from popular design colleges in India to pursue a career in Photography. The duration of these courses ranges from six months to three years, depending on the level of study. Some of the top colleges offering photography courses in India include Amity School of Communications and National Institute of Design. Additionally, several entrance exams such as XIC OET, and FTII JET are conducted for admission into these courses.

Photography is a diverse field, and there are several types of photography jobs available in India. Some of the popular job roles in the photography industry include candid photographer, wedding photographer, freelance photographer, creative director, and product photographer. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, there is a growing demand for photographers who specialize in areas such as food photography, fashion photography, and travel photography. Moreover, with the growth of e-commerce, product photography has become a lucrative career option for many photographers. As per recent data, there are over 2000+ photographer jobs available in India, and the number is expected to grow.

The photography industry in India offers several opportunities for growth and advancement. Aspiring photographers can start their careers as assistants to established photographers or work as freelancers to gain experience and build their portfolio. With experience and expertise, photographers can move up the ladder and take up roles such as photo editors, art directors, or even start their photography studios. Moreover, with the growth of the advertising and entertainment industries, there is a high demand for photographers who can create compelling visual content. The job outlook for photographers is expected to grow 17% through 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. Therefore, pursuing a career in photography in India can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience

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 Understanding the diverse subjects within photography, such as fine arts, portrait photography, and photojournalism, is crucial for aspiring photographers. Moreover, the course focuses on teaching students about different cameras and techniques to effectively capture images, emphasizing the importance of properly focusing the camera lens on the light emitted by the subject to obtain a clear and authentic picture.

Types of the Best Photography Courses:

Architectural Photography

  • Architectural Photography- It is of two types, namely outside and inside . While outside architectural photography deals with exterior textures of a building, monument, bridges, etc interior architectural photography is  on interior textures and architecture. 
  • The most challenging part for an exterior photographer is light, they must know how to work in natural light.
  • Photographer work on showcasing the most aesthetical parts in a structure. 

Fashion Photography

  • It is  is one of the fastest-growing and creative career options in today’s world. 
  • Every fashion house is to showcase and glamorize fashion trends, products, etc to make them desirable for the consumers and buyers by taking eye-catching and appealing photographs.
  • You must learn to utilise various photography skills along with good communication is crucial in working with various people such as shoot stylists, creative directors, models and various others. 

Portrait Photography

  • It is about to capture the mood and personality of a person or a group. 
  • You must understand the lighting and backdrop that plays an important part in portrait photography in order to portray the tone and emotion.
  • A professional portrait photographer should be able to take photographs that will make his/her clients comfortable and meet their expectations. 
  • To learn the skills required in the niche, one can pursue Portrait Photography Courses.

Product Photography

  • Its all about capturing the product feature in such a way that it speaks. 
  • You have to take care of every details minutely of tools for proper lighting, background materials, sharp camera focus, lenses, camera angles and editing are carefully considered. Product photographers are responsible for liaising with clients and giving them best possible results.
  • There can be different types of product photography such as B. Individual, group, lifestyle, scale, detail and packaging shots.
  • To be a successful product photographer, various skills such as good planning skills, having good client relationships and using the latest photo editing software are essential.
  • Taking a product photography course can be a stepping stone to a career as a product photographery

Travel Photography

  • It has been the passion for travelers for the areas of photography such as portrait, landscape, architecture, street, tourism and various others. 
  • Taking the photography is not only about capturing great images, but also about trying to tell stories, educating and inspiring people.  
  • A good travel photographer must understand the timing and manage it well,outgoing, able to tell stories and convey emotions. 

Photography and Videography

  • One should understand the basic difference of Photography and Videograph. Videography is all about capturing the moving items . 
  • Another form photography is abstract photography.
  • Cinematography is trending,it is a part of videography where it is used for production of cinemas. 
  • Videographers operate cameras, oversee various equipment, sound recording devices, analysing the videos and editing them. 

Eligibility Criteria for Best Photography Courses

  • 10+2 with Minimum marks 50%.
  • No Specific Entrance exam for the courses of Photography.
  • Duration: Bachelor Courses
  •  3-years to 5-Years Courses (Bachelor Courses)
  • 1-years to 2-Years (For Diploma Courses)
  • Few hours to Weeks (For Certificates Courses)

Best Photography Courses After 12th Class:

  • BFA Photography (Bachelor of Fine Arts) – Duration 3-years to 5-Years
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Certificate in Photography
  • Diploma in sports photography
  • Diploma in fashion photography
  • Diploma in Commercial Film Making
  • Diploma in Wedding Photography
  • Diploma in Food & Product Photography
  • Diploma in Landscape & Cityscape
  • Diploma in Interior Architecture
  • Diploma in Motion Graphics
  • Diploma in 3D Virtual Photography
  • Certificate in Wildlife photography
  • Certificate in Food Photography
  • Certificate in Scientific Photography
  • Certificate in Scientific Photography
  • Certificate in Fashion Photographers
  • Advertising and Commercial Photography

Additional Benefits, the curriculum of the course may encompass electronic image processing, providing students with knowledge and skills to enhance their photographs digitally. Utilizing cameras with electronic image sensors during the course enables the generation of electric charges at specific pixels, contributing to the creation of high-quality images. Furthermore, photography courses offer specializations in various domains like basic photography, fashion photography, and photojournalism, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to their interests and career goals. These professional study courses in fine arts not only require a certain educational background for enrollment but also have the potential to significantly improve photography skills, especially when pursued after completing the 12th grade. Ultimately, photography is about capturing meaningful moments and communicating visually through the use of instruments and technology, making it a skill that can be honed and perfected through structured learning and practice.

Photography Courses Colleges

Delhi School of Photography

Bharati Vidyapeeth UG and Diploma Courses

Sri Aurbindo Centre for Arts and Communication

IIMM certificate course

Delhi University Professional Courses

Jamia Milia Islamia Photography course

AAFT BA Photography

Osmania University BFA Photography 3 years course

LPU Fine Arts

Chennai Visualite Film Institute courses UG,Certificate,Diploma

Light and Life Academy Ooty Tamil Nadu

Mohan Babu University Tirupati

Maya Acdemy of Advanced Cinematics Vijaywada

ICAT Design and Media College Karnataka

St. Paul College Karnataka

CMR University Karnataka

India college Hub Karnataka


National Institute of Photography Mumbai

MGM University  Department of Photography Aurangabad

Devi Ahilya Viswa Vidyalaya Diploma in Photography

Sam Global University MP

ICE Balaji Telefilms Jaipur

JD Institute Jodhpur

Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass communication Jaipur

Punjabi University Patiala Advanced diploma in Photography

International Institute of Film and Fine Arts Kolkata

Online courses for Photography


Alpha Classroom

Nikon school



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