Can anyone crack JEE Main Without Coaching?

Can anyone crack JEE Main Without Coaching

JEE Main Yes it is possible. Many students in the past have cleared the exam. There are few examples we are putting before you of the students who cracked the exam of their own

Ankit Jalan, AIR 45 rank IIT JEE 2011. He vowed for the self-study  and it was the only success mantra.

Anshul Kumar, another IIT JEE rank holder (Rank 64) of the same year had had not joined any coaching centres, he said that these coaching took a lot of time. Instead, Anshul focussed on his school and his self-study regimen. He did not hesitate in telling that he joined the coaching centre in the beginning but he left.

JEE Main One can make out that JEE Advanced 2020 results suggest that as many as 35 to 50 per cent students who qualify the examination did not take coaching.

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Adiyta kumar of Bihar is a great example of self study.In 2019, he not only cleared JEE Main he also cracked NEET,AIIMS and IISC Banglore entrance exam. He did clear all thisl without coaching.

So what was his success mantra – focussing on school and disciplined self-study. When he did get stuck, he reached out to his teachers from school for help, which was always forthcoming.

Following is the To do things you must follow

 The first step is to develop a study plan and stick to it. This involves dividing your time among all the subjects and their respective topics according to the exam syllabus and pattern. It is also important to start with a strong foundation of concepts, which can be built by using NCERT books as a starting point. As you progress, make sure to regularly assess your performance by solving the previous year’s question papers and mock test papers. Additionally, creating short notes for each chapter can be helpful for quick revision.

Another important aspect of preparing for JEE Main 2021 without coaching is utilizing online resources and practice tests. With the abundance of online study materials available, it is possible to access high-quality resources from the comfort of your own home. Online practice tests can also help you become familiar with the exam format and improve your time management skills. Furthermore, joining online study groups and discussing with peers can

Start using NCERT books, which would be the foundation for the JEE chief. Build a solid base of the concepts and NCERT books can help you. Be aware that 60-70 per cent of this JEE Main papers rely on NCERT books. Building a foundation of this syllabus is an important feature of JEE prep. As soon as you’re finished with these novels, begin talking to other publications.

Choose the Right Reference Books

Reference books cover subjects from basic level to advanced degree application-based questions. Adhere to the right syllabus for the examination.

These days, there is lof of platform online which can help on this. The government is not behind in helping you prepare for this exam. NTA Test Abhyas is one such thing that you can follow. Following options you can explore-:

NTA Test Abhyas

Swayam online platform

Swayam online platform and free tv channel that you can follow. The tutorials here are prepared by well-experienced faculty from government institutions. You could even see chapter shrewd PDFs of subjects, tips for planning, video tutorial sessions, both recorded and live, etc.. These can help boost your wisdom and achieve a higher score for those examinations.

IIT PAL (Professor Assisted Learning)

IIT PAL video lectures created by IIT’s professors/subject experts for Class XI and Class XII. The purpose of these videos is to help students for better understanding of the subjects so students can prepare their own for doing well in competitive exams.

The programme is telecast on the HRD channel Swayam Prabha Channel. These videos can also be accessed on DD DTH Channel 22.

Revise Daily and Clear Doubts

The further you revise, the more you’ll memorize. The revision can allow you to recall important details and formulas, which improves your problem-solving abilities and precision. Never allow your doubts to be left uncleared. Clear your doubts and questions along with your instructors, friends, or individuals who can assist you. Be certain all the concepts are clear.

Solve JEE’s previous year’s question papers

It’s essential to practise solving JEE past year question papers. This can allow you to find a notion of this query pattern and mark the plot from every topic. Solving past year question papers helps pupils to raise the rate of solving issues. Students can quickly access previous year’s queries and solutions on the internet.

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