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Dear students, are you facing problems in learning and recalling the concepts, facts and things from your syllabus. There are many of you, who are facing the same problems while learning. So, we are here to tell you something exciting methods which can help you to retain and improve your memory.  The method to improve memory called Mnemonics. Let know more about Mnemonics


Mnemonics are memory devices that help learners recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, etc. A Psychological researcher Dr. Gerald R. Miller found that students who regularly used mnemonic devices increased test scores up to 77 per cent. As NEET UG is in a week, let us delve into some mnemonics to ease the preparation.

Types of Mnemonics

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There are so many mnemonics available it is up to the individual that works in his favor. There are 9 basic types of mnemonics prevalent as given below: –

  1. Music,
  2. Names,
  3. Expression/ Word,
  4. Model,
  5. Ode/Rhyme,
  6. Note organization,
  7. Image,
  8. Connection and
  9. Spelling mnemonics.

We have discussed few selected methods for your practice and easiness to understand the Mnemonics for your better and healthy memory that will help you to recall the facts, concepts and many other things from your syllabus or examination.

  1. Music,

Every one of you remember many lyrics of songs because music has a powerful technique and it can work just as well in school or college curriculum. You can make a song of some useful information or facts as some are very popular in some movies, web series and serials. Such as given below: –

National Anthem, Bachho Dikhao Chalke, Aisa Desh hai Mera, Ratta Mar etc.

  • Name-

You can use first letter of each word in list of items is used to make a name of a person or thing for example

Colour VIBGYOR V= Violet, I= Indigo, B= Green, Y= Yellow, O= Orange, R= Red

INDIA: I= Indus Valley, N= Northern Plain, D= Deccan Plateau, I= Indian Ocean, A= Aravali Range

  • Expression or word Mnemonic

To make an expression or word mnemonic the letter of each item in a list is arranged to make a phrase or word. These can be more interesting to remember.

  1. For physical laws dealing with gasses

Charles Law-for a constant volume pressure is directly proportional to temperature

Easiest way to remember-if the tank is too hot, you are out of luck

Another example

  • Henry Law-Solubility of a gas increases with pressure
  • The best way to remember is that think of bubbles in cold drink that you drank
  • Boyles laws- At constant temperature pressure is inversely proportional to volume
  • Boyles law is best of all because it presses gases awfully small
  • In order of operations for math is parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, and subtract that will be equal to please excuse my dear aunt Sally

This picks the first letter of each word and made the interesting para.

And for those who want to remember the order of colour coding on electronic resistors – Black, Blue, Red, Orange, yellow, Green, Brown, Violet, Gray, White, Silver, Gold

We can make it as Bad boys rile our young girls, but violet gives welts to silly guys

  • Model Mnemonics

To remember things, facts or concepts, the diagram, graphs, pie charts or graphical representation is very helpful technique. In a model mnemonic, some types of representation are constructed to help with understanding and recalling important information.

These may include circular sequence model, pie chart, pyramid model of stages, 5- box sequence etc. these may represent tabulation, evolution, history, differences, stages of development, categories, phases, types of elements etc. through this type of mnemonics

Food Chain: Definition, Types, Examples ...
WATER CYCLE💧| The water cycle process | Easy science video
Historical Background of Social Sciences (Quexbook 2018) | by Maryan |  Medium
  • Ode or Rhyme

When we started to learn in organized or formal structure of education, our first way to learning was the poem, just remember the poems you have still those poems in your memory. Poems like… twinkle- twinkle little star, Machhli Jal ki Rani hai, Johny-Johny! Yes Papa etc.

Similarly, you can make poems of some important facts and figures that you can remember or rhyme with fun and interest. 

  • Note Organization

We know that all the stories, facts and concepts are not easy to recall, therefore, we need to organize our class notes through important points. For example, we want to learn about Jean Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development, so we can organize our notes as follow: –

  1. J. Piaget Theory
  2. Four Stages
  3. Sensory motor
  4. Pre-Operational Stage
  5. Concrete Operational
  6. Formal Operational
  7. Definition and characteristics of Each Stages.
  8. Age
  9. Activities
  10. Object permanence
  11. Schema
  12. Cognitive development
  13. Image Mnemonics

To get good marks in examination, we need to make our answer more attractive by using diagrams, sketch, picture, images etc. the image may be an outcome of a lecture, notes, mental or creativity.

  • Connection Mnemonics

Most of time, we the student forget to make connections between concepts in our answer, which result into deduction of the marks. Therefore, we need to make connection between facts, incidents, dates, events, discoveries, evolutions, inventions, and most important, our daily life-based activity with our learning experience. Experiential learning will definitely give you a boost into marks.

Direction: we can connect the direction with the hands, when we make L with our fingers and the hand which make L is Left hand while another is Right. Similarly, when we make letter P through our hand and which hand make Letter P is indicates the direction of Paschim or West direction.

  • Spelling Mnemonics

Spelling mnemonics are the interesting way to improve your memory because it includes the best way to improve vocabulary.  

To spell Mississippi you can combine a rhythm mnemonic with a spelling mnemonic M-iss-iss-ipp-i

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