IGNOU BPP Programme

ignou BPP Programme

IGNOU BPP Programme. BPP Programme from IGNOU. BPP stands for Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme. It is a special programme designed by the IGNOU for the students who do not have the formal qualification to enrol directly to the Bachelor’s degree programme.

BPP is a Bridge Course of six months duration for those who do not have 10+2, but attained the age of 18 years, seeking admission to IGNOU’s first degree B.A./B.Com etc. under not-formal streamThe BPP programme is essentially a bridge course that helps students acquire the necessary eligibility criteria to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. It is particularly useful for students who have not completed their 10+2 or equivalent education. Upon successful completion of the BPP programme, students become eligible for admission to various undergraduate programmes offered by IGNOU.

This is an enabling procedure by IGNOU and the fee is Rs. 1200/-. The scheme is designed to provide opportunities for learners (many of whom are adults) who are unable to continue with education at 10+2 level or equivalent (and do not wish to enrol in school now) but who want to pursue higher education. The goal of the program is to provide these learners with basic training in areas of study in which they may pursue a bachelor’s degree or other diploma or certificate. The course provides them with the opportunity to adapt to the Open University teaching system. It will also help learners assess themselves to determine whether they have what it takes to meet the demands of today’s higher education.

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The Programme consists of three courses of which any two may be chosen by learners:

1. Preparatory course in General Mathematics (OMT-101)

2. Preparatory course in Commerce (PCO-01)

3. Preparatory course in Social Sciences (OSS-101)

. No Certificate is issued on completion of BPP. Candidates are admitted to IGNOU’s B.A/B.Com etc. (under non-formal stream) on successful completion of BPP (i.e. continuous evaluation as well as term-end examination)

Commencement of the BPP Session: 1st July for the July Cycle/ 1st January for the January Cycle b) Completion of the academic session: 31st December for the July Cycle/ 30th June for the January Cycle

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications If you have not studied mathematics then you have to register for BCS which is a bridge course.

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