IGNOU ODL Admission Status 2024

IGNOU ODL Admission Status 2024

IGNOU ODL Admission Status 2024. The application form is open for various courses through Open Distance Mode. Candidates interested in applying for any of the courses can apply by July 15 2024.

IGNOU is offering certificate, diploma, Degree and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes. The programmes and their duration is mentioned below-:

IGNOU ODL Admission Status 2024 Programme List

Course NameDurationCourse NameDuration
Advanced certificate in Information Certificate6 MonthB.Com (Accountancy & Finance)3 Years
Advance Certificate in Power Distribution6 MonthBCA3 Years
Appreciation Course on Environment3 MonthsBachelor of Library & Information Service1 year
Appreciation Course on Population & Sustainable Development3 MonthsBSc (Hons) Anthropology3 Years
Certificate in Anti-Human Trafficking2.4 MonthsCertificate course in Russian Language6 Months
BA (Hons) Economics)3 YearsCertificate in Anti Human Trafficking6 Months
BA (Hons) English3 YearsCertificate in BEE Keeping6 Months
BA (Hons) Hindi3 YearsCertificate in Business Skill6 Months
BA(Hons) History3 YearsCertificate in communication & IT Skilss6 Months
BA (Hons) Public Administration3 YearsCertificate in Community Radio6 Months
BA(Hons) Political Science3 YearsCertificate in consumer Protection6 Months
BA Applied Hindi3 YearsCertificate in Disaster Management6 Months
BA Applied Sanskrit3 YearsCertificate in Energy Technology & Management6 Months
BA(Applied urdu)3 YearsCertificate In Enviromental Studies6 Months
BA (Gender Studies)3 YearsCertificate in Fashion Design6 Months
BA(Hons) Psychology3 YearsCertificate in First Aid6 Months
BA(Hons) Sanskrit3 YearsCertificate in Food & Nutrition6 Months
BA(hons) Sociology3 YearsCertificate in French6 Months
BA(Hons) Urdu3 YearsCertificate in Functional English6 Months
BBA3 YearsCertificate in German6 Months
BBA Retailing3 YearsCertificate in Guidance6 Months
BBA Service Management3 YearsCertificate in Health Care Waste Management6 Months
Certificate in Home Based health care6 MonthCertificate in Human Rights6 Months
Certificate in IT6 MonthCertificate in International Humanitarian Law6 Months
Certificate in Japanese language6 MonthCertificate in Korean Language & Culture6 Months
Certification in Library & Information Science6 MonthCertificate in maternal & Child healthcare Nursing6 Months
Certificate in Mobile application Development6 MonthCertificate in Nutrition & Child Care6 Months
Certificate in Organic Farming6 MonthCertificate in Performing Arts-hindustani music6 Months
Certificate in Performing Arts Bharatnatayam6 MonthCertificate in Performing Arts-Karnatic music6 Months
Certificate in Persian Language6 MonthCertificate in Poultary Farming6 Months
Certificate in Rural Development6 MonthCertificate in Sericulture6 Months
Certificate in Solid waste Management6 MonthCertificate in solid waste Treatment Technique6 Months
Certificate in Spanish Language & Cu;ture6 MonthCertificate of Teaching of English as a Second Language6 Months
Certificate in Teaching of primary School Maths6 MonthCertificate in Tourism Studies6 Months
Certificate in Tribals Studies6 MonthCertificate in Urdu Language6 Months
Certificate in Tourism Studies6 MonthCertificate in Visual Arts Painting6 Months
Certificate in Visual Arts-Applied Arts6 MonthCertificate in Water Harvesting and Management6 Months
Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution(Electrical Technician)6 MonthCertificate Prog. On life & Thought of BR Ambedkar6 Months
Certificate Programme in New Born6 MonthCertificate in NGO Management6 Months
Certificate in Laboratory Techniques6 MonthCertificate prog.in Value Education6 Months
Certificate programme in Yoga6 MonthCertificate in Adolescent health & Counselling6 Months
Certificate in Apparel Merchandising6 MonthCertificate in Arabic6 Months
Certificate in Cooperative Law & Business law6 MonthCertificate in Communicative Sanskrit6 Months
Certificate in Community health6 MonthCertificate in Condition monitoring6 Months
Certificate in Food & Beverage Service operation)6 MonthCertificate in Front Office operation6 Months
Certificate in Gender in Law6 MonthCertificate in Gender Science6 Months
Certificate in Gender,Agriculture & Sustainable Development6 MonthCertificate in Hiv & Family Education6 Months
Certificate in housekeeping operations)6 MonthCertificate in peace keeping & Conflict management6 Months
Certificate in Smart City management & Development6 MonthCertificate in Social Work & Criminal justice system6 Months
Certificate in Theatre Arts6 MonthCertificate in Vedic Ganit6 Months
Coursewise Registration & Certificate Scheme6 MonthDiploma in Agriculture1 year
Diploma in business process outsourcing-Finance & Accountancy)1 yearDiploma in Creative Writing in English1 year
Diploma in Critical Care nursing1 yearDiploma in Dairy Technology1 year
Diploma in Early Childhood care & Education1 yearDploma in Event Management1 year
Diploma in HIV & Family Education1 yearDiploma in Horticulture1 year
Diploma in Meat Technology1 yearDiploma in Modern office Practice1 year
Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education1 yearDiploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development1 year
Diploma in Paralegal Practice1 yearDiploma in Smart City Development & management1 year
Diploma in Teaching in German as a ForeingLanguage1 yearDiploma in Theatre Arts1 year
Diploma in tourism Studies1 yearDiploma in Urdu Language1 year
Diploma in Value Education1 yearDiploma in Watershed Management1 year
Diploma in women’s empowerment & Development1 yearDiploma Programme in Value Added Products from Fruit & Veg1 year
Diploma in Apparel Merchandising1 yearDiploma Retailing1 year
MSc Mathematics with application in computer Science2 yearMA Adult Education2 Year
MA Anthrology2 yearMA(CSR)2 Year
MA Development Studies2 yearMA Distance Education2 Year
MA English2 yearMA Gandhi & Peace Studies)2 Year
MA Gender & Development Studies2 yearMA Hindi2 Year
MA Journalism & Mass Communication2 yearMA Philosophy2 Year
MA Political Science2 yearMA Psychology2 Year
MA Public Administration2 yearMA Rural Development2 Year
MA Sociology2 yearMA Translation Studies2 Year
MA Arabic2 yearMA Development Journalism2 Year
MA Economics2 yearMA Education2 Year
MA Entrepreneurship2 yearMA Environmental Studies2 Year
MA Folklore and Cultural Studies2 yearMA French2 Year
MA Hindi Vyavasik Lekhan2 yearMA Hindu Studies2 Year
MA Journalism and Digital Media2 yearMA History2 Year
MA Journalism and Electronic Media2 yearMA Journalism & Mass Communication Tamil2 Year
MA Jyotish2 yearMA Migration & Diaspora2 Year
MA Russia2 yearMA Sanskrit2 Year
MA Sustainability Science2 yearMA Urban Studies2 Year
MBA2 yearMBA Financial Management2 Year
MBA HRM2 yearMBA Marketing Mgmt2 Year
Master of Commerce2 yearMCA2 Year
Master of Library and Information Science1 yearMSc Analytical Chemistry2 Year
MSc Applied Statistics2 yearMSc Biochemistry2 Year
MSc Chemistry2 yearMSc Environmental Science2 Year
MSc Food Safety & Quality Management2 yearMSc Geography2 Year
MSc Geoinformatics2 yearMSc Information Security2 Year
MSc Physics2 yearMSc Renewable Energy & Environment)2 Year
MSc Zoology2 yearMaster of Social work2 Year
Master of Social Work(counselling)2 yearPG Certificate in Adult Education6 Months
PG Certificate in Bangla Hindi Translation Programme2 yearPG in Cyber Law6 Months
PG certificate in Gandhi & Peace Studies1 yearPG Diploma in Information Information Security1 year
PG Certificate in Agriculture Policy6 MonthPG Certificate in Climate Change6 Months
PG Certificate in Geoinformatics6 MonthPG Certificate in Industrial Safety6 Months
PG Certificate Information & Assistive Technologies for instruction of Visually Impaired6 MonthPG Inventory Planning & Warehousing system for Engineer6 Months
PG Certificate in Malayalam Hindi Translation6 MonthPG Diploma in Folklore & Cultural Studies1 year
PG Diploma in Adult Education1 yearPG Diploma in Animal Welfare1 year
PG Diploma in Applied Statistics1 yearPG Diploma in Audio Prog Production1 year
PG Diploma in Book Publishing1 yearPG Diploma CSR1 year
PG Diploma in Developmental Studies1 yearPG Diploma in Disaster Mgmt1 year
PG Diploma in Education Technology1 yearPG Diploma in Environmental & Sustainable Development1 year
PG diploma in Higher Education1 yearPG Diploma in IPR1 year
PG Diploma in International Business Operation1 yearPG Diploma in Library Automation & Networkinjg1 year
PG Diploma in Mental health1 yearPG Diploma in Pharmaceutical sales Management1 year
PG Diploma in Pre-Primary Education1 yearPG Diploma in Rural Management1 year
PG Diploma in School Leadership & Management1 yearPG Diploma Sustainability Science1 year
PG Diploma in Novel1 yearPG Diploma in Translation1 year
PG Diploma in Urban Planning & Development1 yearPG Diploma in Early Childhood & Foundational Stage Education1 year
PG diploma in Advtg & Integrated Communication1 yearPG diploma in Agribusiness1 year
PG Diploma in American Literature1 yearPG Diploma in British Literature1 year
PG Diploma in computer Application1 yearPG Diploma in Criminal justice1 year
PG Diploma in Electronic Media1 yearPG Diploma in Environmental Management & Law1 year
PG Diploma in Environmental Studies1 yearPG Diploma Financial Management1 year
PG Diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management1 yearPG Diploma Hotel Operation1 year
PG Diploma HRM1 yearPG Diploma Industrial Safety1 year
PG Diploma Journalism & Mass Communication Tamil1 yearPG Diploma in Marketing Mgmt1 year
PG Diploma in Migration & Diaspora1 yearPG Diploma New Literature & English1 year
PG Diploma in Operation Management1 yearPG Diploma Population & Family Health Studies1 year
PG Diploma in Sanskrit Sahitiye Mein Vigyan1 yearPG Diploma Service Management1 year
PG Diploma Sindhi Hindi Sindhi Translation1 yearPG Diploma social work counselling1 year
PG Diploma in Vastusashtra1 yearPG Diploma in Women & Gender Studies1 year
PG Diploma in Writing from India1 yearPG Diploma Writing from Margin1 year
PG Diploma in Education Management & Administration1 yearCertificate in Kaal Ganana me Praman Patra6 Months

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