IIT Madras signed an MOU for the employability programme for Swayam courses

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IIT Madras on swayam courses- IIT M has signed MOU with multiple industries to offer employability-focused programmes on Swayam Plus. It has signed 24 MoUs with leading industry partners across multiple sectors were signed to offer skill and employability-focused online courses and internships. IIT Madras is one of the VC (virtual coordinator) for Non- technical UG and PG courses.

The MoU covers a range of fields, including information technology, social sciences, banking and finance, soft skills, music, management, food science, Indian knowledge systems, and internships ensuring comprehensive coverage of skill development across areas crucial for future employability.

IIT Madras Director V Kamakoti expressed that these partnerships mark a significant step towards our mission of democratising access to education and empowering learners in India in the years to come. Swayam Plus will also be integrated with Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) for a smooth credit transfer and accumulation experience for the all learners.

Swayam Plus is an initiative by the Ministry of Education and IIT Madras, launched in February this year. Since its launch, more than 75,000 learners have benefited from more than 165 courses, of which 33 were aligned to the National Credit Framework across multiple sectors.

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Swayam Activity

ActivityJanuary SemesterJuly Semester
Course Start Date1-31 January1-31 July
Course Enrolment End Date28-Feb31-Aug
Course End Date30-Apr31-Oct
Exam Date2nd or 3rd Saturday or Sunday of May(4 days 2 Slots a day2nd or 3rd Saturday & Sunday in November(4 days,2 slots a day)

Course shall be of three types:

Academic credit course, means a course taught by an accredited academic university/institute (credit awarding body) for at least one semester as a part of a subject/programme (e.g., BA or MA/B. Tech). Assessment is mandatory for such courses.

Non-Academic credit course ‘means a course taught by a learning institute that awards non-ocademic credits based on the number of learning hours covered (as per National credit Framework (NCrF) guidelines). Assessment is mandatory for such courses.

Self-Paced course’ means an independent course taught solely for learning purposes which does not award any credits to learners. Assessment is not mandatory for such courses.

Sector Allocation for, Virtual Coordinators (VG):

Category 1: VCs overseeing development of Academic Credit Courses. These include: .

 NPTEI-: Technical/Engineering UG & PG degree programmes . consortium for Educational communication (cEC):

 Non-Technology UG & PG Full Degree programmes . lnstitutes of National lmportance (lNls): Non-Technology courses (facilitated by llT Madras)

llM Bangalore: Management, social science and other program areas under the ambit of llM Bangalore r IGNOU: Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes

VCs overseeing development of Non-Academic Credit courses*/Self-Paced Courses/Teachers Training Programs and Standalone courses. These include: .

AICTE: Non-Academic credit courses (Technical Education),

ARPIT/Self-paced university courses and standalone courses .

UGC: Non-Academic credit courses (Non-Technical) and Standalone courses

NITTTR, Chennai: Technical Teacher Training programmes (Degrees, Diploma, Certificates)

Non-Academic Credit courses at a maximum shall be only 10% of the total courses sanctioned in the particular semester.

VCs overseeing development of courses for school education (Class 9th-12th). These include:

NCERT: School educational programmes (class 9th- 12th) & other areas under the ambit of NCERT r

NIOS: Out of school children educational programmes (class 9th- 12’hl

MOOC courses for competitive examinations:

To democratize the access to competitive examinations and ensure appropriate representation of all categories of students in the Engineering and Medical entrance examinations, SWAYAM will also offer MOOC courses developed by subject matter experts in the field. This vertical will be coordinated by llT Kanpur.

MOOC courses development, software development, maintenance and cloud charges will be supported through the SWAYAM component of NMEICT scheme.

Swayam for Competitive Examination

There is a scope for competitive examination for students who prepare for various competitive examination. It is named as SATHEE(self assessment test and help for entrance exam). It is a collaborative endeavor between the MOE and IIT Kanpur

Its online platform offers diverse study materials, practice tests, and personalized guidance, ensuring comprehensive preparation. SATHEE’s reach extends through DTH TV and web platforms, delivering educational content tailored for college entrance and job-oriented exams. Seven channels for seven different stream exams are serving as invaluable resources for students and job seekers, fostering academic excellence and career readiness across India. It represents a significant step in implementing the National Education Policy 2020.

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