T20 Final India Vs South Africa

T20 Final India Vs South Africa

T20 Final India Vs South Africa-ICC Men T 20-Can India Make it this time. Finally the win came for India on Saturday they defeated the South Africa in the final match.

India’s winning streak has continued and they made it final. India will play T 20 final after 10 years.

Back in 2007 India won the first T20 world Cup final against Pakistant. The Indian team led by MS Dhoni.

India has defeated ‘England in Semis. Last time India could make it to final was in the year 2014 against the Sri Lank. Sadly India lost to Sri Lanka. The final was played in Bangladesh.

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This time the T20 world cup being hosted jointly by West Indies and USA.

Not a surprise to many indian started offering for India win in temples and havan being organized

T20 cricket has opened up new commercial horizons for the sport, with the US seen as the latest frontier to conquer.The IPL tournament held first in 2008 promoted the commercial part of cricket. Paraag Marathe, chair of USA Cricket, said the International Cricket Council, the sport’s global governing body, “identified the USA as a strategic market for growth that will benefit cricket around the world” and allow progress in the domestic game

Is there any cricket in USA?

Yes it is surprisingly the US  involved in the first ever international match, against neighbors Canada in 1844. This was long before the clash between England and Australia, often cited as the first Test match (the most prestigious format of the international game) in 1882. As it was in the rest of the world, cricket was exported to America by British colonialists but, somewhere around the time the American Civil War of 1861-1865, baseball became the USA’s bat and ball game of choice.

We hope that this time India wins the T20 World cup again to make us all Indian proud.

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