DIKSHA App a Question Bank for Practice for Class X

DIKSHA App a Question Bank for Practice for Class X

Now students studying in class 10 standard can access Question Bank for Practice. A program that will serve the purpose of the students who wish to measure their understanding of a given topic.

The salient feature of the Diksha App

1. A rich repository of questions and possible answers for revision.
2. The program includes 2000+ questions and answers for all core subjects: Mathematics,
Science, English- Footprint without feet, English- First flight, Hindi-conscious 2, Hindi-touch 2, Political science, Geography, Economics and History.
3. Through this program, students will get access to questions and their possible steps
Step-by-step solutions have been done by the subject teachers of CBSE-affiliated schools. this
It may be noted that answers can be written in many different ways, and this is not
The only way to do it.
4. It may also be noted that these questions should only be considered the practice

After 12th Career Counselling
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Youtube Channel

How to download the app on Mobile

Mobile: Step 1: Download DIKSHA App from the Google play store or click here to download it on your Android phones Step 2: Scan the QR codes below using DIKSHA App to play the practice book OR Select board, grade, and medium and subject on the DIKSHA app and play <> Practice Book. Step 3: Please access all the practice books once via Step

Computer/Laptop: Click on the relevant subject link below to play the revised content:

Math Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31289124474680115213912?contentType=TextBook

Science Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31289123241963520013913?contentType=TextBook

History Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292653397046886414013?contentType=TextBook

Economics Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_3129266871231283201924?contentType=TextBook

Political Science Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292669156368384014581?contentType=TextBook

Geography Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_3129265250740551681412?contentType=TextBook

Hindi – Sparsh 2 Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292671449880166411100?contentType=TextBook

Hindi – Sanchayan 2 Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292671669071052811136?contentType=TextBook

English – Foot Prints Without Feet Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292670148057497611033?contentType=TextBook

English – First Flight Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292669918164582414649?contentType=TextBook

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