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Sports updates – 7 Tips for Upcoming Half Marathon Beginner Runners

In today’s Sports updates – Let’s talk about the tips for beginner runners. You are sports aspirant and you want to convert your passion into profession. That’s great! What best can happen than earning income out of what you love the most? Whether you want to be a cricketer, badminton player, football player, hockey player or a tennis player, having good stamina is the pre-requisite and above all you have to be a good runner. Running is the best strength training exercise and boosts your metabolic rate to give outstanding performance on the field. No opportunity can be best other than participating in Half Marathon to accomplish running endurance. That’s why in sports updates, we have come up with extremely useful running tips for beginners who are about to participate Half Marathon. Take a look:

1.  Fit yourself into a good pair of running sneakers:

Now, for this sports updates – Half marathon, it does not mean you have to be insanely extravagant. You can even buy a good pair of sneakers from one of your local running stores, but discuss your purpose of buying with the shopkeepers, so that they can recommend you the best shoes suiting your purpose. But don’t go for the cheap ones. Because more than money, saving your feet from injuries & doctor’s expensive bills are important.

2.  Start with low mileage:

Through this sports updates for upcoming Half Marathon, we would advice never plan the entire distance run in one go. Instead, break it down into short intervals at the beginning. And please don’t be ashamed to walk in between the intervals to recover. After sometime, you can think of lengthening the running sections. Rather than concentrating on miles, watch your time. You must think of increasing it on a weekly basis. Beginners should never start out running too fast. Later on, they have to pay the price with overexertion, frustrations and injuries. So, go easy buddy!

3. Give your body time to recover: 

Congratulations! Your first run went well and, now you are motivated to head towards it again! But, you must take a day rest before attempting the next workout. After a  long time, your body has exerted so badly, your muscles have been stretched till a level that were never before, so you should take rest so that you can recover well from the first running session. It must get adapted to the new demands on the cardiovascular system as well as prepare your muscles and bones for the next run. If you will move ahead like this, you can simply achieve the greatest training effect and avoid overuse injuries.

4. Be hydrated:

While you start practicing running for upcoming Half Marathon, make sure you remain hydrated. Winters are almost at their end, and during this season it is not a nice idea to run without being hydrated. To avoid dehydration, be ready to drink plenty of water before your run, during your run, as well as after you finish. Also, don’t overlook the drinking water regularly throughout the week, even on your non-running days. Being even slightly dehydrated can drastically impact your run and make it far more difficult.

5. Have nutritious food:

Through this sports updates, we would like to convey the beginner runners that they must try various food combinations during training practice, so that they can know what foods are digestible for them & what are not. Have low fat yogurt with low fat granola with raisins; you can have cereals with low fat flavored soymilk or bagel with peanut butter and honey. You must have a small high carbohydrate meal that is low in fat & also rich in protein boosting your energy levels to the extremes.

6. Don’t compare with others:

Everyone has his/her own journey, and that’s what you must keep in mind while preparing for upcoming Half Marathon. Many new runners get demoralized watching energy levels of other runners. If you’re a new runner, remember that being better at anything takes time & practice. Set your own goals and stop stalking others. Or if, you are aiming to be as fast or as strong as another runner really motivates you, then definitely go for it. Just make sure that your comparison is only motivating you to get better & better rather than being jealous from others.

7. Stay focused and enjoy the journey:

It’s not only the hard work that will take you to the aim, but your dedication and focus towards your Half Marathon also plays a major role. And simultaneously, you should also enjoy the journey. Keep your training fun by rewarding yourself at every milestone you achieve. This will encourage you to be on the path of your ultimate aim.

So, tie up your laces and be Half Marathon ready. Time is less, a lot to be done, so hurry up. Hope with this information in sports updates, you would do best in your first and then would become as a starting point to build your prolific athletic career. Best wishes from our side. 

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