Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2024

Preparation tips for jee advanced 2024

Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2024-Is there any short cut to clear JEE Advanced 2024- The question might come up in the mind that is there any short cut to crack JEE Advanced 2024.

Well as such there is not short cut for this. It is to be noted that only top 2,50,000 lakh of students who cleared the jee main 2024 can appear for this exam.

JEE Advanced Schedule 2024

It is important to note that JEE Advanced has two other topics of thermal physics and electro chemistry which is not there in JEE Main exam

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JEE Advanced comprises 2 papers with MCQ and numerical type questions

The JEE is organized in two languages English and Hindi

Preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2024


  • Blackbody Radiation
  • Kirchhoff’s Law
  • Newton’s Law of Cooling
  • Absorptive and Emissive Powers
  • Wien’s Displacement Law
  • Stefan’s Law
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Compton Effect


  • Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry: Coordination Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry: Reaction Mechanisms, Stereochemistry
  • Biomolecules: Enzymes, Metabolism
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life: Drugs, Materials Chemistry


  • Algebra: Coordinate Geometry, Quadratic Equations
  • Vectors: 3D Geometry, Vector Calculus
  • Differential Calculus: Applications of Derivatives, Maxima and Minima
  • Integral Calculus: Definite Integrals, Applications of Integrals
  • Differential Equations: First Order Differential Equations

It is better to understand one thing your preparation for the exam matters. We are giving few tips that you can accept to clear the exam

First thing is to know the exam syllabus and pattern

Next step is to gather the resources

It is always prudent to make notes while studying

Not to forget to solve previous year papers which you can get from the official website of jee advanced

Mock test is another important activity that a student should not miss

You have to do regular revision at home

And above all stay healthy.

Another important thing is to learn from the candidates who had cracked the exam in the past.

Who cannot appear for JEE Advanced 2024?

Candiates who are not in the top 2,50,000 rank cannot appear in this exam

Candidate who have appeared in the board exam of 2022 cannot appear for this exam

Two chances are given to the students to appear for JEE Advanced 2024 beyond this students cannot appear


The candidates should have been born on 1 October 1999 or after this date. Five years relaxation to the candidates of SC/ST and PWD Candidates

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