Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Ride the Future with Computer Science Engineering!

Computer Science Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses in Indian colleges. And why not, we live in a world surrounded by computers and they are an integral part of our everyday lives. Who would have thought the Mars Orbiter could be sent to Mars with the help of a computer? From TV, laptops, computers in your car’s dashboard, Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers to microwave ovens; everything is ruled by computers.
Coding is all around us and waiting to be learned by you!

Computer Science is not just limited to software development, computer science engineering opens doors for innovative careers in data sciences, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security, and robotics. The major highlight of this course is its practical exposure that helps students stay ahead of the curve. From learning about an operating system to writing one – students are allowed to experiment with anything and everything in their domain.

Courses taught in Computer Science Engineering
The course offers in-depth knowledge of not only the theoretical part but also how it can be applied practically to solve a problem. You would learn about many things, including:

  • Data Communications and Networking,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Analysis of Algorithms,
  • Performance Evaluation,
  • Computer Architecture,
  • Theory of Computation,
  • Programming Languages and Software Design,
  • Web Technologies,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • Machine Learning,
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC), and
  • Computer Vision.
  • Besides, you also develop skills for the future. Many companies are massively investing in big data analytics which is where you can use your skills to explore the huge amount of data available with them.
    You would be expected to go on many field trips, so being an outdoor person is a plus point with this course.

Job Prospects for Computer Science Engineers in India and Abroad

A B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering opens doors for many career options, some of which are shown below:
IT & Software Development

Many IT companies hire computer science engineers to build different kinds of software on a day-to-day basis for clients across the globe. Some of the emerging technologies that a student can choose from include – cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobile security, or iOS app development.

Did you know that the concept of 3D printing was conceived way back in 1984? This fascinating technology is one of the most trending concepts and is used to create real-life models from virtual designs. It involves a robotic arm depositing layers of molten material while building a potentially infinite object. Many engineering marvels like the Mars Rover and iPhone 5 were 3D printed and would be impossible to produce without computer science engineers.

Computer scientists work along with mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineers to build high-end cars that increase our mobility. Companies such as Tesla are building electric vehicles equipped with multiple cameras, radar to enable self-driving cars. This makes it inevitable for automobile giants like General Motors, Audi, and Mercedes Benz to hire computer science engineers.

The world of the future is fast approaching us! Space exploration has reached new heights with inventions like Falcon 9 reusable rocket by SpaceX. India’s very own ISRO was able to successfully launch 104 satellites in one go with the help of computer science engineers.

India has seen enormous growth in the hospitality industry. Airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet, and GoAir are constantly coming up with new ways to make travel more comfortable, providing good food at affordable prices. In such a scenario, computer science engineers have a lot of opportunities to carve out a career.


To keep up with the fast-paced world government agencies also require the services of computer scientists. These people play a major role in developing policies and maintaining certain key departments like defence, law enforcement, healthcare, and education.
Research & Academia
Computer science engineers also play a pivotal role in creating new technologies that can be used to make our lives better. For instance, the self-driving car comes into the category of autonomous vehicles which are being researched upon by many countries including India.
Some computer scientists even go on to work as professors at prestigious educational institutes while some others choose to work as freelance computer programmers.
Computer Science Engineers Salary
The salary for computer science engineering graduates starts at about INR 4 lakhs per year or more. Experience and level of education will determine the salary package offered to a computer scientist.
After 5 years, Computer Science Engineers make an average salary of around INR 16 lakhs per year.

Top computer science companies to work for:
Some of the top companies that hire computer scientists include:
Yahoo! Inc., etc.
Inventions and Innovations from Computer Science Engineers
Computer science engineers have been at the forefront of most major inventions in recent times. These include:
3D printers
These use a robotic arm to construct real-life models from virtual designs by depositing layers of molten metal or polymer. A computer scientist needs to study CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) to oversee the process.
The concept of a machine-readable representation of data that is attached to an object or item was first conceptualized by computer scientists. Now barcodes can be used throughout many industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.
Computer viruses
Computer scientists study how to create and spread computer viruses to understand their impact on computer networks. They also work towards building virus protection software with the help of other engineers and programmers.

Embedded systems
These are electronic devices that can be found everywhere from cars, phones to microwaves at home. They are designed in a way that they can perform specific tasks. For instance, a car uses embedded sensors to detect weather conditions and adjust its settings accordingly.
Image compression
Images need to be encoded as less data due to the explosion of internet users around the world. Computer scientists have been working on creating new methods that can compress images twice as effectively as JPEG.
Computer scientists have been working to build better radar systems that can be used for surveillance and other purposes. For instance, the GPRS military network uses ground-penetrating radar to find enemy tunnels, buried land mines, etc.
Space exploration
Computer scientists help in designing spacecraft and launching them into space using rockets. Their role is to monitor and control the speed, direction, and altitude of spacecraft so that they reach their destination safely.
The world of technology is changing at a very fast pace and it is up to computer scientists and engineers to keep us abreast with these advancements. So buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride into the future as a computer science engineer.
What does it take to become a Computer Science Engineer?
A bachelor’s degree in computer science is the main requirement to become a computer scientist. However, since this job requires one to constantly learn and stay abreast of new technologies, most tech giants prefer to hire candidates with master’s degrees or PhDs.

To get admission into an undergraduate Computer Science Engineering program in India, one needs to score high marks in the 10+2 examinations. Students also have to clear the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission into top engineering colleges.

Best Colleges for Computer Science Engineering in India

Besides the IITs, NITs, and IIITs, engineering colleges in India known for their Computer Science Engineering course include:

R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore
Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai
BK Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology (JNTUK), Hyderabad
Thyagarajan College of Engineering (TTE), Chennai

General Skills Required for a Computer Scientist/Engineer

Apart from the technical knowledge of computer science engineering, students should have some generic skills as well. They are given below:

Enterprising Skill: This is the ability to be ‘resourceful’ and take the initiative to come up with innovative solutions to problems.
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: This refers to the ability of a student to work with patterns, reason deductively, and solve problems.

Initiative & Leadership Skills: A computer scientist/engineer should have good communication skills. He should be able to convince people from different backgrounds and think ‘out of the box’.

Problem Solving & Analytical Skills: A computer scientist must have the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.
Teamwork & Collaboration Skills: He should be able to work with other members of a team to achieve common goals.

Personality Traits of Computer Scientists/Engineers

Computer scientists are mostly introverts who prefer working on their own rather than in a team. They are also known to have high patience levels and can work accurately even in stressful conditions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who work as computer scientists or engineers require above-average interpersonal skills to maintain their long-term relationships with other employees. Other personality traits that these professionals possess include:
Initiative & Leadership Skills: These professionals should be able to take initiative, manage projects effectively and work as a leader.
Good Communication Skills: CSE professionals must have effective communication skills to interact with their colleagues and customers.
Creativity & Innovation: As compared to other jobs, computer science engineers require greater creativity which is necessary for coming up with innovative solutions to problems.
Best Countries to Study Computer Science Engineering

Computer science engineering is ranked as one of the highest-paying jobs in India and abroad.

Here are some popular countries where students can study this branch:

United States: The US is the world’s top destination for international students. American universities have several courses in computer science engineering and offer a high standard of education to their students.
Canada: With almost 30,000 Indian students enrolled in Canadian universities, this country has emerged as a hot favorite amongst foreign students. From the University of Toronto to McGill University; there are numerous options for Indian students to pursue CSE.

United Kingdom: A large number of Indian students study computer science engineering in the UK with an aim to go abroad. Some of the popular universities here are Imperial College London, UCL, University of Edinburgh, etc.
Singapore: The small island nation is known for its academic excellence and relatively low living costs. It has over 60 local engineering colleges that offer degree courses in computer science engineering.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Generally considered as the most liberal of all Arab nations, this country has emerged as a top destination for students interested in studying abroad. The government provides ample scholarship opportunities to foreign students who wish to pursue CSE in UAE.

Australia: Foreign students can pursue computer science engineering in Australia with the aim to gain valuable practical knowledge. Australian universities are known for their modern teaching methods, supportive staff, and practical learning approach.

Europe: With affordable living costs and relaxed immigration rules, Europe is the ideal destination for foreign students who wish to study CSE. Some popular European countries other than the UK include Belgium, France, and Germany.

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