BSc Cardiac Care Technology 2024

BSc Cardiac Care Technology

BSc Cardiac Care Technology is a three-year undergraduate course that focuses on the study of cardiac care technology. This course includes the study of human anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, blood banking, haematology, and cardiac care technology. Cardiac Care Technology measures how well a heart is functioning and can monitor heart rate. Technicians in this field measure how well a patient’s heart is functioning, making it an essential part of healthcare . The course allows students to learn about cardiac care technology, which plays a vital role in the treatment of heart disorders. Additionally, BSc Cardiac Care Technology equips technologists to confidently handle and perform all outpatient and inpatient tests independently.

BSc Cardiac Care Technology is an important field in healthcare, and its significance cannot be overstated. Technicians in this field play a crucial role in taking care of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases . The BSc Cardiac Technology course ensures excellent career growth and helps students achieve their dream of joining healthcare sectors. After completing BSc Cardiology or any of its course variants, graduates can explore a wide range of career prospects in medicine and surgery, including becoming a cardiologist, cardiovascular technician, cath lab technician, consultant nephrologist, dialysis technician, or echocardiographer. The B.Sc Cardiac Care Technologists can usually find ample job opportunities in healthcare sectors, particularly in hospitals.

BSc Cardiac Care Technology is a three-year undergraduate full-time course in cardiology divided over six semesters. A BSc Cardiac care technology assists the cardiologist in diagnosing and treating patients with heart-related disorders. Graduates of this course can pursue careers in a variety of fields, including cardiology, cardiovascular technology, and nephrology. Some of the job roles that students can explore after completing this course include cardiologist, cath lab technician, consultant nephrologist, cardiovascular technician, dialysis technician, and echocardiographer. With the increasing prevalence of heart diseases, the demand for cardiac care technologists is growing, making it a promising career option for students interested in the healthcare field.

Human Anatomy & PhysiologyClinical Pathology and Biochemistry
Medical Ethics and LawsCommunicative English
Technical Aspects of Cath Lab-HIS, RIS, PACS, Radiation SafetyBasic Echocardiography
CatjeterozationCardiac Anatomy & Physiology
ACLSBLSSterilization Techniques
Technical Aspects of Cath Lab-HIS,RIS, PACS, Radiation SafetyAdvance Electrocardiography
Advanced EchocardiographyAdvanced Cardiac Catheterization
ElectrophsiologyScrubbing Techniques
Hardwaresin CathlabEmergency Cath Lab
Handling & Operating Cath Lab Machineries 

BSc Cardiac Care Technology Colleges

Table of Contents

After 12th Career Counselling
Telegram channel
Youtube Channel

Narayana Health Banglore

SGT University

SVIET Patiala

Jain University

GD Goenka University

Max Health Care

Responsibilities of BSc Cardio Care Technologist

Diagnostic tests such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiogram to help diagnose and monitor the heart

• Design, conduct and manage clinical trials related to cardiovascular disease • Use advanced technology to monitor and advise cardiac patients

• Educate patients, families and communities about heart health and lifestyle

• Lead a team of healthcare professionals and coordinate patient care in the Cardiology Department

 • Oversee operations and manage cardiovascular care resources

• Support interventional cardiologists in diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive cardiac examsMSc Cardio Care Technology

It’s a 2-year postgraduate degree program in M.Sc. Cardiology, with a focus on the study of cardiovascular health and disease, teaches students about heart problems and patient care. It exposes students to state-of-the-art clinical and interventional cardiology, as well as knowledge of diagnostic techniques and analyses. If you study the MSc Cardiology, you will learn about heart disorders and wellness, diseases and treatment options, and cardiac techniques and care

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