Mocking the Meena community student by Unaccademy

Mocking the Meena community student by Unaccademy

Mocking the Meena community student by Unaccademy-The Un-accademy a private coaching institute video went viral for wrong reason. These private institutes keep taking the interview of the successful candidates. One such interview of Yogesh Kumar Meena an IIT Bombay graduate with the UPSC rank of 66. It happened when a member of mock panel allegedly made some biased remarks about reservation for the Meena community. The Meena community comes under ST category.

Yogesh Kumar remarked Sir, I overheard your conversations on reservation and Meenas, and it made me upset,” Meena said in the video, which has since been removed from the Unacademy YouTube channel.

This video went on social media which was posted by a user claiming that the board member’s comments on reservation had shaken Meena’s confidence.


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“Yogesh Meena UPSC AIR-66 studied at IIT-B, earning 6 lakhs per month. But… casteist board member of @unacademy didn’t even hesitate to make comments wrt reservation,” posted the user.

Un-academy in the beginning posted the full video on their YouTube channel. When it saw the reaction of people against sharing clips of the reservation remark, the company deleted the original version and uploaded an updated one without the problematic section. However, as the controversy continued on social media, Un-academy removed the entire video.

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What would have been the reason does it look ok to Un-accademy people or people who were interviewing the candidates did not pay heed to this.

One thing is sure we can talk of gender or caste equality but still it hounds in the society.

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