How to Gain Best Experiences in College

How to Gain Best Experiences in College

How to Gain Best Experiences in College?

Solution: College life is busy. Academics are a lot harder with more books, more assignments, more projects, and more case studies. There are student clubs, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to participate in. And there are fewer restrictions – which also means that there are no teachers to herd you in and out of class.

College is also the time when many Indian students step out of the secure environment of their homes for the first time. It’s the time when you meet new friends, form new relationships, and probably experience your first breakup.
Naturally, students are confused about what to do and what not to do when they step into their college lives. They want to get the best of both worlds – best credentials to mention on their resume, and their share of fun and crazy memories that can only be created in colleges.

So, here are some of the best life hacks for college students to milk their college lives for best experiences:

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1. Consistency is Important, Being a Soldier is Not.

College is not an army camp. You don’t have to be too strict on yourself. When you make a study plan, allotting one or two hours to a subject on one day is enough. You do not need to decide a fixed hour (say 8 am to 10 am) for it.
That said, you need to be consistent in your studies. It’s hard to do in college. You may feel lost when there are so many things to do all the time. At such a time, making a priority list every morning is the best life hack you need to learn. Every morning, plan your day and try to follow it. Every night, review your priority list and see what you need to complete first on the next day.

When there is too much to do, start with the easiest tasks that will take the least time to complete. Getting things on your list done one by one will give you a sense of control and keep you confident.

2. Average GPA will Get You a Degree with No Guarantee of a Job.

If you are born with a silver or gold or diamond spoon in your mouth and only worried about passing your course, it’s an easy feat. Bribe a good student with a few treats, photocopy their notes and ask them to help you out, and mug up a week before the exams. If you are stuck with something, you will easily find all the help you need online.

But if you need a high-paying job with a six-figure salary, you cannot afford to slack off. You will have to work hard throughout the academic year and learn the knowledge and skills for your future career.

3. Some Colleges and Courses are Better for Making Friends

The college sees the drag end of your teenage and your first few steps into adult life. You meet new people of your age group – hailing from different kinds of backgrounds. It’s an excellent place for networking and winning a few life-long friends.

A college is also a hot place for dating. At the undergraduate level, B.Com, B.Sc, and medical courses are seeing a sharp rise in the number of female students. B. Ed course is also a popular choice among girls. If you are looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you might have more chances of meeting high-in-demand types in some courses and colleges than others.

Read about the schools and colleges where the super-rich of India study.
Do keep in mind your priorities though. Do not deviate from your study and career path.

4. How to Make Friends When You are an Introvert?

Introverts seem to have a tough time in college. They are too shy to make friends. If you are an introvert, you may want to latch on to a popular guy or gal in college, go wherever they go, and do whatever they do (in your free time, of course). Soon you will learn the tips and tricks of how to make friends in college and how to keep them. You will also get an edge in the social hierarchy by the virtue of your networking capabilities.

A great way to make friends is to ditch the smartphone games and join student clubs that interest you. It may be related to sports, photography, fashion, art, or music. It’s a great way to explore, discover yourself, grow, and make friends. We advise making as many friends as you can in college instead of hanging out with just one or two friends. That way you will be able to have a bigger network of people to bond with later on.

If you are looking for a roommate, do not ask a friend. Choose someone whose different from you – ideally someone whom you can look up to. This will help you grow. If you have true friends, they will reach you anyhow when you need them.

5. Enjoy Some ‘Alone’ Time Too!

When you hang out with friends all the time, you may soon fall into the trap of ‘being available’ all the time. After a while, it may become hectic and irritating. Learn to carve out some ‘alone’ time for yourself each day when you can relax, meditate, study, and sleep in peace. Libraries and study rooms are great places where you can be ‘alone’ even in a crowd. An afternoon power nap or studying under a tree at the far end of the campus might be good ideas too. The idea is to get everyone to respect your boundaries and not treat you as a ‘yes’ girl or boy every time.

6. Make it a Point to Talk to Your Professors and Guest Lecturers

Make it a point to make an acquaintance with your lecturers and professors. They can help you in your college as well as in life. Keep in touch with them after college. Thank them for what they have taught you and inform them about your success and achievements. College teachers can not only give you shining letters of recommendation and guidance but may also turn out to be great mentors at some point in your life.

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