Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights IPR

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). There are various diploma and certificate courses available in India. India IPR is one such course that is crucial for individuals to understand the concept and its various components. IPR refers to the legal rights given to individuals over their creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. These courses help individuals gain a better understanding of the importance of IPR and how they can protect their creations. The course is designed to cover the basics of IPR and understand the way they can protect the findings of research in the form of patents and copyrights.

There are several types of IPR, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and each plays a significant role in protecting the rights of creators. In India, there are seven types of IPR, including copyright, trademarks, patents, geographical indications, plant varieties, designs, and trade secrets. Understanding the significance of each type of IPR is crucial for individuals to protect their creations and avoid infringement.

Intellectual property rights play a significant role in the economic growth and development of a country. IPR promotes innovation, which leads to economic growth, and can aid in the growth of new businesses and the restructuring of inefficient ones. In fact, boosting research and development, IPR has contributed significantly to India’s economy, and IPR and economic growth go hand in hand [9]. Thus, individuals who take IPR courses in India not only protect their creations but also contribute to the overall development of the country.

Those who have completed their LLB, can straight away specialize in Intellectual Property Law. Some popular PG-level courses in Intellectual Property Law are as follows-:
LLM in Intellectual and Industrial Property Law,
LLM in Intellectual Property Rights,
LLM in Intellectual Property and Business Law and the like.
PG Diploma/Certificate course in IPR
The candidates can also pursue diploma programmes or certificate courses in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Some of these popular courses are
Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws,
Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws,
Certificate in IPRs- Law and Procedure-Advanced Level,
Post Graduate Diploma in IPR and Labour Laws,
Certificate in IPR and Patents Law,
Certificate in Intellectual Property Law,
Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law and Practice etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility varies for an Intellectual Property Law course from college to college.
The eligibility criteria for the Intellectual Property Law course offered at the PG level is such that candidates should have completed a five-year integrated law course or possess an LLB equivalent degree.
LLM in Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
LLM in Intellectual Property Rights
LLM in Intellectual Property and Business Law
LLM in Intellectual Property Law
LLM in Intellectual Property and Trade Law

Some of the popular colleges for IPR
NLU Hyderabad NALSAR
NLU Jodhpur
GLNU Gujrat
IIT Kharagpur
Symbiosis Law college
NLU Assam
NLU Lucknow
NLIU Bhopal

Short Term Courses

Intellectual Property Law Certificate Courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws
Certificate in IPRs- Law and Procedure
Certificate in IPR and Patents Law
Admission-: Merit-based

Institutes/Colleges for a certificate course
Indian Law Institutes
FICCI New Delhi
Institute of Patent Attorney India(IPAI)
National Law University
Global Institute of Intellectual Property
Shahaji Law College
FICCI New Delhi
Career after IPR

Candidates are hired as Notary Public, Legal Executives, Patent Lawyers, Trademark Attorney, Copyright Specialist, Legal Advisor/ Consultant and many more sectors where legal moves/interference becomes mandatory.

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