Tips to prepare for AFCAT Exam

Tips to prepare AFCAT Exam

Serving the Nation through armed services is the best job one can ever imagine. What can be a better way to lead a life than becoming a safeguard for our countrymen? This job is full of pride but also demands a lot of sacrifice. The process of sacrifice doesn’t come when you get selected for the job, but it starts when you make up your mind to join the armed force. AFCAT is one of the popular Government entrance test exams, where lakhs of candidates register themselves to try their destiny. Clearing this Government exam, a candidate gets the privilege to serve the Nation by becoming an Air Force Officer. Organized by India Air Office, this tricky entrance exam demands a certain tip to follow if you want to crack it in one go. So, here are a few suggestions to help aspirants clear the AFCAT exam:

Killer tips to prepare for AFCAT Exam

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1. Understand the exam pattern deeply:

AFCAT, one of the reputed Government exams consists of a written paper of 100 questions carrying a maximum of 300 marks. There is a negative marking for each wrong answer to a question. Now, let’s understand the exam pattern:
English: Error Detection, Comprehension, Sentence Completion/Filling in of correct words, Synonyms, Idioms, Antonyms and Testing of Vocabulary, and Phrases

Numerical Ability: Average, Profit & Loss, Percentage, Decimal Fraction, Time and Work, Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams), Ratio & Proportion and Simple Interest

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General Awareness: Civics, History, Geography, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Defense, Basic Science, Art, Culture, Sports, etc

Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test: Verbal Skills and Spatial Ability

The standard of Numerical Ability Questions will be of Matriculation level. However, the standard of questions in other subjects will be of graduation level. After clearing the written round, the candidate advances to the next rounds of personal interviews as well as screening.

2. Follow a schedule:

Make sure that you follow a proper strategy before you begin studying. Planning must be curated in a way that the complete AFCAT syllabus gets covered in a given period of time. A student should set a proper timetable for study and then must give the sitting accordingly and regularly. At least five hours per day of study is a must on a daily basis with proper concentration. After all, it’s a prerequisite to hit the target.

3. Prepare notes:

Get a habit of preparing notes while studying every topic. It helps you retain the topic in a better way. Secondly, it also helps you help give a quick revision before the arrival of the exam. In fact, many renowned teachers have claimed that if you study any topic by writing, it helps you retain the concept in a better way.

4. Do subject-wise preparation:

When we say subject-wise preparation, we say that an AFCAT aspirant must start studying the subject that he/she finds interesting or find it easier. It would help give a positive start to your AFCAT entrance test preparation. Suppose, you find General Awareness a bit tricky section, then start preparing for this section just two months before the exam. But, always allocate enough time to the Numerical portion as it demands sufficient practice to score well in the subject.

5. Do revision:

Candidates must perform AFCAT Exam preparation in such a way that sufficient time can be given to revision which is very essential for the exam. This activity should be done after you have fully prepared all the subjects.

6. Solve last year’s Sample Paper:

After preparing for all the subjects and doing revision, try to solve last year’s sample papers. It would give you an idea of how it feels when a question paper comes in front of your eyes. Moreover, it would help you manage timing and discipline when you would sit for the AFCAT exam. A candidate must look forward to solving various sample papers, so that he/she may get an idea of what has been the trend of examination. What sort of questions to be revised more? What topics are mostly covered? What can be the different ways to ask a question?

7. Stay Hydrated

You must be thinking what’s the connection of water intake with the AFCAT exam? Well, there is a deep connection. Science has proved that if a person stays hydrated, then he/she is able to concentrate in a better way. It also helps refresh your mind and avoids mental fatigue.

8. Take small breaks; meditate or walk around

After every one and a half hours, make sure that you take a break. Keep your books aside, sit in a straight posture, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Meditation is the best way to calm the mind. You may also walk around your room, to curb the boredom. Taking breaks is a must as it enhances the brain grasping power and you are able to study in a better way. Avoid watching TV or chatting on a phone as it distracts the mind and loses the focus.

9. Avoid last minutes talks with colleagues about preparation

Group study is good, and calling a colleague to solve any confusion is also the best thing to do. But, always make sure that you avoid last-minute calls to ask how much preparation has been done on his/her part. Because it may generate anxiety within you and makes you feel that you have not prepared much. Your heart rate may go high and you may lose your morale. So, always believe in yourself and trust your hard work.

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A few tips to follow when the day of the AFCAT entrance test arrives:

Whew!! Finally the day arrived! The first thing that you need to do is to read the instructions carefully. Don’t be under the impression that whatever you have read in the previous year’s sample papers, the same thing will arrive. There can be new changes, so it is really important that you read the instructions carefully.

Then, after reading the instructions carefully, solve the section that you find easiest. Suppose you find the English section a bit easy, then start from that. It would help you build confidence. Lastly, solve the section that you find toughest.

Hope, this article will help you prepare for the AFCAT exam in a better way. So, gear up your preparation and give your best to start an adventurous career in the Defense services.

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