BSc Psychology Course in India

BSc Psychology course in india
BSc Psychology course in India is a popular undergraduate course in India that focuses on the study of human mind and behavior. The course is typically three years in duration and is offered by 699 colleges across the country. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of psychology, including cognitive, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology. The course is divided into six semesters, and students are required to complete various assignments, projects, and exams to earn their degree. The eligibility criteria for admission to the course is a 10+2 from a recognized board.

Students can pursue this course from any field but some colleges and universities demand science subjects in 10+2 with at least 50 per cent in their board exam.

Candidate have choice of pursuing this course full time, part time and distance learning mode. There are possibilities of pursuing this course after graduation, candidate can pursue PG and Doctoral level courses.

There are two types of course offered in Psychology. Basic Psychology where it can be done as BA or BSc Psychology. Another form of Psychology course is available that is known as Applied Psychology.

Upon completion of the BSc Psychology course, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. Some popular job positions include Psychologist, Mental Health Counselor, Research Assistant, Child Psychologist, and more. Graduates can also pursue higher education in the field of psychology, such as a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, to further enhance their knowledge and skills. The BSc Psychology course provides students with a strong foundation in psychology, making them well-equipped to handle various challenges in their professional careers.

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BA/BSc Psychology Distance Learning Mode

In distance learning there is no barrier of subjects. Student from any field can pursue this course. The colleges that offer distance education in Psychology are IGNOU, Kalinga University, MKU  DDE.


You should 10+2 science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


The admission is offered on the basis of merit and entrance test.

Popular Entrance Test




The course fee ranges between Rs.20,000 to 60,000

Topics covered in Course

Psychological ResearchBiopsychology
Intro to PsychologyStress and well being
MemoryAttention and Perception
Psychology of Individual DifferencesPsychological Research
Social PsychologyApplied Social Psychology
Ability Enhancement Elective CourseCounselling Psychology
Developmental PsychologyUnderstanding and Dealing With Psychological Disorders

Job Roles

Motivator, Counsellor, Health Educator, School Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Community Relations Officer, Counsellor

What is BSc Physician Assistant course in India

Let us understand Psychology and Applied Psychology

BSc Psychology and Applied Psychology are two distinct fields of study within the broader discipline of psychology. BSc Psychology is a degree program that focuses on the theoretical and scientific principles of psychology. This includes topics such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology. BSc Psychology prepares students for research and academic careers in psychology, as well as for graduate study in related fields. Students in this program learn to conduct research and analyze data, gaining a strong foundation in the scientific method as it applies to the study of human behavior.

On the other hand, Applied Psychology focuses on the practical application of psychological principles in real-world settings. This includes fields such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and organizational psychology. Applied Psychology students learn how to apply psychological theories and research to solve real-world problems, such as improving workplace productivity or treating mental health disorders. Applied Psychology prepares students for careers in counseling, therapy, and other applied fields, as well as for graduate study in these areas.

While both BSc Psychology and Applied Psychology are valuable fields of study, they have different career opportunities. BSc Psychology graduates can pursue research and academic careers in psychology, as well as graduate study in related fields such as neuroscience or cognitive science.

Applied Psychology graduates, on the other hand, can pursue careers in counseling, therapy, and other applied fields, such as human resources or market research. Both degrees are equally recognized and accepted in the field of psychology, but they prepare students for different career paths. Ultimately, the choice between BSc Psychology and Applied Psychology depends on an individual’s interests and career goals.

Colleges for Applied Psychology


Maharaja Sayajirao University

University Of Madras

Ramanujan College

Diburagarh University


Apollo University

Apollo University offer BSc in health Psychology course

Is Applied Psychology a good career?

you are interested in emotional health and helping people live better lives, a career using applied psychology could be good for you.

Is Psychology a good career Option?

As the things are moving in rapid pace various challenges are also emerging in day to day life. People are understanding the need of a good psychologist to help them. You can say overall health sector is growing. So the demand for specialist in various field are increasing.

Is a BSc psychologist a doctor?

No , they are not called Doctors. But after earning a Masters degree in Psychology from regular/distance and after getting license , you can practice in Hospitals as an assistant with the Doctors . The doctors in these field are called Psychiatrists

How can one become Psychiatrists?

One can become Psychiatrists after doing MBBS. The MBBS degree holder has to pursue MD degree in Psychiatry.

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