9 Year old Shillong girl developed an Anti Bullying App

9 year old Shillong girl developed an Anti Bullying App (1)

Technology is reaching heights and today’s kids are pacing up with the changing technology

9 year old Shillong girl developed an Anti Bullying App – Yes, guys and girls, you heard it right! A nine-year-old girl is the inventor of an app. If you think it’s an ordinary one, then your guess is wrong! She has launched an anti-bullying app. This app will help children report their bullies to their respective teachers, guardians, and friends in a hassle-free manner. Studying in Class 4th, Meaidaibahum Majaw decided to create this app after she was bullied repeatedly.

Her bullying experience at School

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She told the media that she was going through a bullying experience since Nursery which affected her a lot. Remembering the old bad days, she said a group of students had once ganged up against her and asked other classmates to simply boycott her. One of them had even stamped her feet. That was too painful for her being an infant. She always looked for options but nothing worked out. She is happy that now nobody would go through the same. 

A 9-Year-old Shillong girl developed an Anti Bullying App and her app would be a great help for all the sufferers. 

What’s her mother’s take on her creativity?

While going through this phase, she understood the pain of others who go through the same and hence, worked hard to eradicate this issue from society. While speaking to The Guwahati Times, the mother of this genius who runs a resort at Tyrna in East Khasi Hills said that Meaidaibahum had enrolled in an app development course in September 2019 and learned the skills within a few months and has also developed 40 new apps. She has never missed classes and used to attend them for an hour on an everyday basis. 

App availability

Anti Bullying app will allow victims to report anonymously. The app would soon be available on GOOGLE PLAY. Users can provide details of the incidents, including the name of the bully and would also send the messages to the individuals concerned allowing the authorities to take necessary actions. 

Appreciation from Meghalaya Education Minister

Her efforts have been appreciated by the State Education Minister – “Lakmen Rymbui”. He said that he is proud of the girl and she would definitely grow up as a responsible citizen. He also said that Meai has shown great courage to fight against social ills at such a tender age. He congratulated her parents to groom her as a fighter child & inculcated an undaunting spirit within her.

Meai is expecting a bright future by travelling to Silicon Valley

Meaidaibahun Majaw hopes that she deserves to be among the young coding experts of India. She must get a scholarship for traveling to Silicon Valley for meeting the investors. 

According to the 2017 survey conducted by the Teacher Foundation, in association with Wipro Applying Thoughts in Schools (WATIS), found that 42% in kids are bullied in schools. So, definitely, this app would be a great help to all those students who suffer from bullying. 

What a great effort! Simply commendable! Seems kids, especially girls are on the way to seeking heights of success in technology. A recent case had come into note a few months ago only when a 9-year-old girl – Siya Narale from Nagpur had developed the rocket simulation app for children by being inspired by the television launch of the Chandrayaan – 2. 

Way to Go Girls! You have proved sky is not the limit for you!

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