General Medicine is a preferred choice by mbbs students

General medicine a preferred choice by mbbs studetns

General Medicine is a preferred choice by MBBS students-The MBBS students are shunning old speciality courses. These days PG medical students with top ranks are increasingly choosing general medicine and radio diagnosis for their broad speciality. More than 50 per cent of MBBS top rankers pick gen med speciality.

The number defines itself as this year 53 out of the top 100 candidates in the first all-India allotment list for MD/MS admission have chosen general medicine followed by 35 for radio diagnosis. The numbers were 47 and 32 respectively in 2020.

A few chose dermatology, gynaecology and surgery.

What is a Radio diagnosis?

It is a branch of medical science that conducts diagnosis, therapy and research, using radiation, ultrasound and magnetic resonance

General Surgery once used to be a popular branch, now had just four aspirants in the top 100 list. This is not a surprising factor for many people from the medical field.

Reason for Opting for General Medicine

General Medicine leads to specialization in sought-after super speciality areas such as cardiology, nephrology and Gastroenterology (the study of the normal function and diseases of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver). which requires low investment and brings in early stability for doctors whereas surgery requires more years, more hard work,  more commitment and a heavy investment for independent practice.

This situation arose three ago when only five students opted for paediatrics courses out of 100. Course.

Why Delhi has been a favourite spot?

Delhi has been the favourite spot for these candidates as the data from the Medical Counselling Committee’s first list also shows. The first and foremost reason has been that Delhi institutes don’t have any bond requirement, are cheaper and offer higher pay for residents. Says doctors

Dr Avinash Sup former dean of KEM hospital shares his experience of students’ choice for courses. Two courses general medicine and radio diagnosis have been in vogue amongst students. With the same reason mentioned above that students, these days also prefer branches of general medicine that have the potential for medical super speciality areas as they give early income stability than surgical ones,

Surgery used to be the most sought-after branch at one point, requires more commitment, more time and doctors usually settle at the age 0f 35-40 years while their counterparts in other branches have already settled. There is a huge investment in surgery if someone is seeking to start independent practice.

These choices are being made by the students which is based on feedback from their seniors and colleagues.

To appear for one more competitive exam acts as a deterrent for many he said.

So Dermatology and Radiology are in demand for the time being

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